Facial Treatments

Four Layer Facial With Deep Pore Cleansing

$115 / 75 min
  • This signature four layer facial treatments enhances deep cleansing with very little extractions.

Four Layer Facial

$105 / 60 min
  • With a rich mineral seaweed sercumtone,the skins gently massage with hydrating marine extracts. Followed with a cool aqua seaweed mask which will help with deep clean, and finally a warm rich mineral thermal mask which will brighten and refine your skin tone.

Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial

$120 / 75 min
  • This facial contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in seaweed which is combined with micro sliver that is specially designed and formulated to help calm conditions such as rosacea

Hydra Medic Facial

$120 / 75 min
  • These facial treatments help control the appearance of oily skin problems and deep cleans the skin without drying. This helps maintain moisture leaving the skin looking smooth, soft and fresh. This product is specially designed for acne prone skin.

BioLight Brightening Facial

$120 / 75 min
  • This miracle facial with glycol-sea peel diminishes the appearance of hype- pigmentation which is the result of sun, acne scar and hormonal changes. This product helps to brighten the skin and uncover a more radiant and luminous complexion.

Vita Cura Phase Firming Facial

$120 / 75 min
  • This facial was designed to lift and firm up the skin, with a blend of marine and organic ingredients. The papaya enzymes in the product help in the advance repair of the cells for a vibrant complexion and more beautiful youthful- acting skin.

Classic European Facial

$95 / 60 min
  • A herbal remedy known for its soothing properties is the perfect facial for combination (oily and dry) or sensitive skin that is used to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin gently.

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